Downloading Canvas Courses for Archiving & Offline Viewing

All courses in the UW MBA Consortium can be exported as HTML files. This is extremely helpful for archiving and viewing content offline. Use the instructions in this Canvas guide to download your Canvas courses as HTML files. Exporting courses will download all course pages and files available to you in Canvas at the time of download; however, it will not download the following content: 

  • Class discussion forums and posts (note it will only download the discussion description preceding the forum)  
  • Any group or individual assignment submissions  
  • Grades  
  • Instructor Feedback 
  • Harvard Business Publishing Coursepacks (these are downloaded from the HBP website itself and links are provided within your course syllabi if used) 

If you wish to archive the content mentioned above, try these tips: 

Maintaining an archive of your course materials and work will be crucial for your success on the Program Assessment that all MBA students complete in MBA 710: MBA Program Capstone. You are responsible for downloading and archiving any course content you wish to archive. 

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