Preparing for the Program Assessment

MBA students will need to pass the Program Assessment in MBA 710: MBA Program Capstone to graduate. The program assessment covers learning goals from the various core courses you have taken, is in written-response format, and is open-book so that you can refer to course materials. In preparation, you should assemble books or readings from previous courses that you might find helpful. You may also bring in outside sources, but the sources from your previous courses will work well. The following courses inform the questions you will be asked: 

  • MBA 701: Leading & Communicating in Dynamic & Diverse Organizations 
  • MBA 702: Making Informed Managerial Decisions 
  • MBA 703: Developing New Products and Services 
  • MBA 704: Competing Strategically in a Global Environment 
  • MBA 705: Navigating Change Amid Uncertainty 

The program will allow you to access past courses during MBA 710 to assist you in this process, but it’s encouraged you document and archive course materials as you go through your MBA career. 

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