Canvas Course Homepage

Canvas Course Homepage

The course home page is the first thing you see when you access a course.

The parts of a Canvas course homepage include:

  1. Course Navigation links - Instructors can customize which links are shown in a course so you will not necessarily see the same links for each of your courses, but most will be the same. A few links to note are:
    1. Online Course Resources  - This page will provide links to resources frequently visited by our online students.
    2. MBA Program Surveys – Your midterm and final course evaluations can be found here, once available.
  2. Announcement area - Announcements are a way for instructors to let students know about something going on in the course. They are often used for:
    1. instructors to remind students of course activities
    2. leave message for an entire class
    3. to post important information regarding Canvas.
  3. Content Area - The Course Modules are in this area. Modules are a way for Instructors to organize course content and assignments. Instructors can customize the way course Module content is arranged (ex: Week, Unit, Chapter, etc.), so each course might look a little different. 
  4. Course Sidebar – This shows what's coming up or going on in your course. This includes "To Do," "Coming Up," and "Recent Feedback."

The Course Sidebar can be very helpful for seeing what assignments are coming up or due, and recent feedback on your assignments. Yet, do not rely on the sidebar for important course content information. Instructors will post important resources, directions, and videos in the course content area that you need to review prior to completing an assignment. For this reason, we recommend using the Sidebar as a reminder, but to always check the content area for assignment and course information.

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