Applying for Spring 2025 or Later

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You are required to submit the materials listed below before your application is reviewed for an admission decision.

  • Program selection. When working through an application, once you get to the Application Detail section, you will be required to select what version of the program you are applying for.
    • If you want to apply for the 36-credit MBA (General Management), select Business Administration under the Master's Degree section.
    • If you want to apply for the 36-credit MBA in Healthcare Management, select Business Administration, Healthcare Management emphasis under the Master's Degree section.
    • If you want to apply for the 12-credit Certificate in Healthcare Management, select Business Administration, Healthcare Management emphasis under the Certificate section.
  • Application, including $56 fee. The fee can be paid electronically when you apply online. The application includes the following two essay questions:
    • Question 1: Describe your career aspirations and the experiences or people that helped shape them. Tell us why these aspirations are important to you and what impact you hope your aspirations will have in your organization, community, or society. How will the UW MBA Consortium program help you realize these goals? (maximum of 250 words)
    • Question 2: The UW MBA Consortium encourages teamwork, open-mindedness, and valuing different perspectives among our students. Provide one or more specific examples illustrating how you have promoted experiences that embody these values for others (professionally or personally). (maximum of 250 words)
  • Unofficial transcripts from every college and university you have received a received a bachelor, master, or doctorate, uploaded on the Education History section of the application. Transcripts not in English must include a transcript in the native language as well as an English translation. Note: If admitted, you must provide Official transcripts to the Admissions Office in order to enroll. We may request additional unofficial transcripts where coursework was completed if the transcripts uploaded during the application process do not provide sufficient detail.
  • Résumé uploaded on the Employment History section of the application. The UW MBA Consortium values the varied personal and professional backgrounds our students bring to the program. Be sure to include personal and professional experiences in your resume that showcase how you will bring unique perspectives to the student body.
  • Two letters of recommendation (both from professional references). You must indicate who will submit letters in the Recommendations section of the application. Recommenders will receive an email automatically to upload their letter. We encourage you to notify recommenders prior to adding them to the application. Recommendation writers usually provide a half to a one page document that indicates how they know the applicant and specific reasons supporting why they believe the candidate will be successful in the UW MBA Consortium program.
  • Optional Materials. The admissions team reviews applications using a holistic approach. All applicants are welcome to submit the following optional materials in addition to those that are required to strengthen the application. If an applicant has limited professional experience, a low undergraduate cumulative GPA, or cannot demonstrate quantitative ability through coursework or professional experience, we recommend submitting any of the following optional materials to help strengthen the application.
    • Official GMAT/GRE Score. Applicants are welcome to submit GMAT or GRE score with their application materials, but it is not a requirement for admission. Score reports should be sent to UW-Eau Claire (GRE institution code 1913; GMAT program code V6V-8S-99). (Report to UW-Eau Claire directly from testing agency)
    • Professional Certifications. Any applicant who holds professional certifications is welcome to submit documentation of their professional certifications to strengthen their application. You may attach this to your resume and upload on the Employment History section of the application.
  • International Students Only.
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