What are our classes like?

Courses are 100% online and asynchronous, meaning there are no set meeting times. There are also no recorded lectures. Instructors may integrate some video content into the course from time to time. Because our courses are asynchronous, students connect through a flexible environment that allows them to study any time and place. However, asynchronous doesn’t mean the students are left on their own to complete the material. Our online courses are not face-to-face courses moved to Zoom, MOOCs, or self-paced tutorials. Our online courses are instructor-led, student-driven units of instruction. Instructor-led means that for the duration of the course, there will be an instructor, who is a content expert, who facilitates and assesses. Instructors participate in or moderate discussions, engage students one-on-one, evaluate and provide formative feedback on student assignments and assessments, and facilitate student interactions. The instructor's responsibility is to guide students through the process of learning, responding to their individual needs in a timely fashion. But ultimately the learning is in the hands of the students, who will need to be self-motivated and independent in order to succeed. Students will have access to a course syllabus, which outlines all assignments/assessments and their corresponding due dates. It is then the student's responsibility to submit assignments in a timely manner.


Canvas LMS - a look inside a course

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