Student Responsibilities in an Online Class

This document outlines students’ responsibilities in Consortium and Alliance online courses in Canvas. For additional tips on using the Canvas, view the online guides for students.

In General

  • Avoid using a wireless connection when taking quizzes and exams or submitting homework files.
  • Use recommended browsers, settings, and software, and connection speed.
  • You will receive emails to your campus account. Be sure to check this email daily. Check the Spam or Junk folder in case messages go to this folder.
  • Review your notification preferences to be sure you are receiving the ones you want (e.g., due dates, grades, discussions, etc.)
  • You can find multiple ways of viewing feedback for many assignments, regardless of type. You can view comments on assignmentscomments within submissionsrubric results, and more.
  • Need password help? Follow your campus procedures for updating or obtaining a password reset.
  • If you suspect any issues with Canvas, you can find status updates at

Your Responsibilities for Verifying Assignment Submissions

If your instructor does not receive your assignment, he or she will ask you to confirm that you did turn the assignment in before the deadline. You should always verify your assignment submissions so that you know immediately if your assignment was submitted successfully. How do you know when your assignment was submitted?

Your Responsibilities When Taking Exams and Quizzes

  • Do not use a wireless connection. Wireless connections have momentary disruptions in service that can cause you to become logged out of the course and prevent you from being able to submit your quiz.
  • Use recommended browsers when taking exams.
  • Clear your browser cache before taking the quiz.
  • Canvas saves your quiz as you go through it. You can still change an answer before submitting the quiz.
  • A summary of your progress in the quiz is shown in the sidebar (answered questions are formatted differently than unanswered questions).
  • If the summary is not accurately showing your progress, immediately close the test window. DO NOT SUBMIT. Restart the quiz, and it should work properly.
  • If the browser freezes, leave the quiz, close the browser and come back. You will be able to start from where you left off.
  • If the above steps don’t remedy the situation, you have a connectivity problem. Email the instructor to let him or her know you're having an issue
  • And if needed, contact Technical Support: 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Monday-Friday (US Central time) - Email We will get back to you as soon as possible during business hours. After hours, someone will respond to your email as soon as possible, but it may be into the next business day.

Your Responsibilities for Reporting a Problem

Even if you follow all these steps, you still may run into technical difficulties that are beyond your control. You are expected to contact your instructor immediately to let him or her know that you are experiencing an issue, and let them know the nature of your issue. Do not wait until the next day to contact your instructor.

Your Responsibilities for Working with Groups

Many classes organize discussions into small groups. You may also have to submit files associated with a group project. Your instructor will let you know how he or she is using groups within the course. How do you know which group you’re in?

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