Technology Tips

Tech Check 

Classes vary in their use of technology, but many include interactive elements. Beyond reading online documents and announcements, a class may require you to participate in discussions, upload documents, view video, or use third-party simulators or conference software. To ensure that you have a successful experience, we recommend that you  

  • Access your class using the fastest, most reliable connection available to you. 
  • Check browser and speed recommendations offered by Canvas. 
  • Have access to a desktop or laptop computer. 
  • Review the description of the course you are considering. If the course requires specific technology, it will be listed along with suggestions for optimal use (e.g., platform, browser, speed, software, equipment, etc.). 

Microsoft Office  

Some of our classes have tutorials and assignments created using the latest version of Microsoft Office for Windows. Students who use the Mac iOS version may need to seek alternative instructions or access Microsoft Office from a Windows computer. 

  • Consortium Students: You have access to Microsoft Office 365 and OneDrive, which includes the ability to install Office on your computer. Visit the UW-Eau Claire Helpdesk website to learn more and to access Office 365. 
  • UW-Oshkosh: Visit the Academic Computing Services website for information on downloading Office. 

Tech Skills 

You do not have to be a computer whiz, but some basic computer skills are necessary, including, but not limited to  

  • Open new and existing files 
  • Save files in multiple formats (.doc, .docx, .xlsx,.pdf) 
  • Rename a file 
  • Cut, paste, and format text 
  • Navigate between two or more applications without closing and re-opening 
  • Minimize/maximize windows 
  • Send, reply to, and forward email messages 
  • Send, open, and save attachments 
  • Follow a hypertext link 
  • Conduct searches using a search engine (Bing, Yahoo, Google, etc.) 
  • Download and install software and hardware 
  • Download and upload files 
  • Work in virtual teams, sometimes using conference software. 
  • Manage security settings on your computer through the Internet browser software and firewall (Turn off pop-up blockers when necessary, enable java or flash player) 

Tech Support 

Even if you meet the technical requirements, you may still run into problems. If you need assistance, please contact Online Course Support at and we will assist you.  

Accommodation for Students with Disabilities  

In order to ensure that all of our students have equitable access to our online course materials, we strive to meet the guidelines set by Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act, which requires the public to provide reasonable accommodations to individuals with disabilities when posting web-based materials. Canvas is compliant with W3C's Web Accessibility Initiative and with Section 508 guidelines. Additionally, Canvas was certified as a substantially conformant LMS by WebAIM, a third-party authority in web accessibility. If you find that course materials are not posted in a format that meets your needs, or you need testing accommodations, please contact Online Course Support at and we will work with you to find a reasonable accommodation. 

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